Tanjong Rhu at Berlin Film Festival!


This is the first time I’ll be attending a major international film festival as a director with a film in selection. The film will be presented in the PANORAMA Section within the Official Programme of the Berlinale 2009. I was elated when I got the call last week, until I received disheartening news that the SFC will be “unable to support” my trip to Berlin. What’s more disturbing is the lack of reasoning.

I’m too caught up with sorting out all the logistics to pursue this further for now. I’m just thankful LASALLE is sticking to its guns and supporting the printing of the necessary publicity materials.

Anyway, here’s the screening schedule in Berlin:
07.02.09 International 17:00
09.02.09 Cubix 7 & 8 22:30
13.02.09 Zoo Palast 1 19:00
14.02.09 CinemaxX 7 10:30
15.02.09 International 14:00 Teddy Short Film

The film will be presented in a programme together with the feature film END OF LOVE by Simon Chung.

5 responses to “Tanjong Rhu at Berlin Film Festival!

  1. Great short film and chemistry from the two men! Too tame for a R21 rating perhaps? Is moe happy with the delayed screening at siff?

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