Dias’pura 2009

Club Singapore at UPenn has invited me to participate in the Singapore Film Festival, to help “illustrate the theme of Singaporean Identity through the medium of film.” Sounds like fun. Alfian was invited by them two years ago and had nice things to say about the event. So I’m looking forward!

A selection of the films that I’ve done will be shown in one programme on 28 March:

Un Retrato De Familia
Guo Ke
Katong Fugue
Keluar Baris
Bedok Jetty
Tanjong Rhu

I’ve finally done enough shorts for them to collectively fit into a feature film slot. woohoo! A festival in HK did a similar programme last year and the response was really great. It’s nice when the films get to travel together.

So I’ll be in Philadelphia for that weekend, then stay on in NYC for about 2 weeks, and return to Singapore just in time for the SIFF.

sigh. so fast April already. Things have been going at such a relentless pace. I need to take another breather, but feel bad asking for one.

2 responses to “Dias’pura 2009

  1. Hello Junfeng,

    As an introduction, my name is Chin, and I am organizing the Toronto Singapore Film Festival, which is going to be held from April 3-4, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.

    Toronto Singapore Film Festival (TSFF) is a non-profit organization, and the first film festival devoted to feature Singaporean films exclusively in Canada. TSFF aims to create greater awareness and raise the cultural profile of Singapore while showcasing some of the best works from the Singaporean cinema. It is actually started and found by Yeow-Tong Chia, if you happen to know him.

    Returning for the 4th year, TSFF is screening some of the recent productions from Singapore such as, Invisible Children, Invisible City, Truth Be Told etc…

    From this posting, it seems like you are likely to be here around NYC, which is close to our festival in 2 weeks time. Hence we would like to invite you to attend our Festival. Please refer to http://www.tsff.org for the detailed schedule.

    ps: Happened to read the Straits Times article about your film Tanjong Rhu in Berlin Film Fest, and also heard about your interview with 100.3 (incidentally 🙂 sounds like SIFF has lots to offer this time, I wish I could attend SIFF..

    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks so much.

    Cheers, Chin
    TSFF2009 Festival Director

    • Hi Chin,

      Thanks for your email. For some reason it ended up in my spam and I didn’t see it until now. I’m unable to head up to Toronto as I have some personal matters to attend to in NYC. Hope the TSFF goes well! I’ve heard a lot about it rom Yeow Tong.

      🙂 junfeng

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