25 Apr Sold Out

Hmm.. Singapore Panorama Shorts 1 at the SIFF is sold out again. Hopefully there’ll be a new screening added soon. Thanks to everyone who has written to me.. but I don’t know when a new screening will be added until when everyone else does. So it’s best to keep an eye on the film festival’s website for immediate updates

4 responses to “25 Apr Sold Out

  1. Hi Mr Boo,

    I’m an NSF (twenty this year) who sadly missed Keluar Baris when it came out last year, and I was psyched to catch Tanjong Rhu at this year’s SIFF until it got its R21 rating. Do you have any plans yet to compile a DVD of all your past shorts?

    • Hi Colin, thanks for your interest in the films. I’m sorry you can’t catch Tanjong Rhu this year. Objectifs is managing most of my shorts and we have no plans of releasing an anthology in the near future. Keluar Baris is out on DVD though:

  2. Hi,
    I’m 18 this year. Apparently I can’t watch it this year either. Ever since you’ve came my school, IJC, to talk about what you do, I’ve been trying to find chances to watch your films. I really love your works =)

    • Hi Jessie, thanks for your note. I’m sorry you can’t see the film legally. Hopefully by the time you turn 21, the msg of the film will no longer be as relevant.

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