Avid Media Composer for SALE!!

I don’t know why it took me so long to realise that I can put this up here. I won TWO sets of the Avid Media Composer software for my short film Keluar Baris last year and I’ve been trying to sell one of them.

I was told it is worth more than 5000USD, but since it’s been sitting on my shelf for more than a year, I’m willing to let it go for 500SGD. And that price is still negotiable. Ya.. it’s quite a steal for anyone who wants it, but i’d rather pass it on than to leave it to rot on my shelf.

If you know anyone who might want to try out Avid, or any production house setting up their systems, please pass this on. The box set is BRAND NEW, SEALED and UNREGISTERED.


Here’s what’s included:

* 1 Avid Media Composer Software (FULL RETAIL VERSION) 2.8.1
* 1 Dongle (version 2.8.1) (UNREGISTERED)
* Instruction Manuals
* Sorenson Squeeze 4.5
* Boris Continuum Complete AVX Version 4.2.2
* SmartSound Music (STRATA SERIES)
* Sonic DVDit 6
* AVID presentation DVDs

Upon registering the composer with AVID, you will qualify for FREE updates!

Email info@witheringtravis.com if you’re interested! =)

7 responses to “Avid Media Composer for SALE!!

  1. Hi I know this sounds silly, I do not know anything about avid but I know its a video editing software right? I wish to learn so i was wondering whether you can sell it to me for SGD$200? my hp 83834331 jeffrey

  2. hi there,
    i’d love to know where i could obtain a copy of ‘tanjung rhu’?? I came across it on youtube, the trailer i think, i live in sydney…it’s so difficult to obtain shortfilms, maybe u could upload it somewhere to reach a wider audience? Or would it be on any festivals possibly??

  3. Hi, the film is still on the festival circuit, so I can’t put it online. Unfortunately, I don’t recall an Australian fest picking it up. It’ll probably be available on DVD sometime soon. Will put up a notice here when that happens.

  4. Hi,

    Is the media composer software still for sale?

    I’am interested in your film! Are you Indonesian? because of the title: keluar baris?


    Jos Janssen

  5. Dear Sir;

    First of all I need to know if the product is still available, Also I need to know your last price (the nonnegotiable) so I can decide easily , If you are interested please email me soon.



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