Jakarta on 4th July!


I’ll be in Jakarta this weekend to conduct a workshop hosted by L.A. Lights Indie Movie. I’ll be showing most of the shorts that I directed and will share in-depth the making of Keluar Baris. I found out I should be expecting an audience of about 500! *shudders*

Details here.

It’ll be the first trip to Jakarta that I’ll remember. I think my parents brought me there when I was really tiny. I can’t believe I haven’t been back since. It’s only 90 minutes away!

3 responses to “Jakarta on 4th July!

  1. Hello Mr. Boo Junfeng, my name is Nia from Indonesia. Today we met and I asked you some questions (if you could remember). Well yeah, today I attend that event (LA Lights Indie Movie in Jakarta) and I saw you there. I just found myself so amazed when I knew that you made your first movie when you were 19. And it was really success. WOW! Even you’re still so young right now, but you have already made so many achievements from your movies in the International level competitions. Anyway, I think today the audiences in PPHUI reached the target number as you were expected before.
    Well done!

    • Hi Nia, thanks for your support. I’m glad you enjoyed the session. I had a nice time too in Jakarta presenting the films to you! =)

  2. You’re welcome, Sir. Anyway, do you know about Jogja-Netpac Asian FIlm Festival? Would you like to attend that event later? Good luck for your next movie, Sandcastle. I hope that you could finish writing your script.

    Xie Xie,

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