Showing at Sintok!

We’re going to Tokyo!!

The inaugural Singapore Film Festival Tokyo (Sintok) will showcase the works of 8 Singapore filmmakers over a week in September at the Cinemart Roppongi. Kudos to Yumi, the programmer and organiser, for putting this together! She actually got Singapore Airlines to sponsor!

Un Retrato De Familia, Stranger, Katong Fugue, Keluar Baris, Bedok Jetty, Tanjong Rhu and Faces will be shown in one programme.


06 Sep 17:00
07 Sep 17:00
13 Sep 16:00

I will be heading up for Q&As on Sep 6 and 7, and will help present Brian’s Invisible Children on Sep 5. This is super exciting! A few of them my works have traveled on their own to Japan before but this is the first time I’ll get to be there to present them!

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