Merlions for Tokyo


Ash and I passed by this really old school biscuit shop in Upper Serangoon Thomson about two weeks ago and we found these really cute merlion cookies. I thought it would be a nice touch for the Singapore Film Festival in Tokyo. So on impulse, I bought every single merlion that was left in the shop and lugged them home.


The giant tin of them has been sitting in the mahjong room since. My dad suggested wrapping them up in tiny gift bags and give them out like at a kid’s birthday party. I sat on the idea for a while and finally got down to getting it done this evening. I was thinking.. otherwise how? dump the festival organisers with the whole tin meh?

My parents were so eager to help. It was a nice way of spending quality time with them. I hardly see them nowadays cos I’ve been writing and traveling so much. They looked so cute doing it lah!



My dad was so conscientious he made sure the broken ones stay in Singapore. As if the ones in tact will survive the baggage handlers lidat.


Good thing the whole tin fits into my luggage. Means I’ll have more space in it on my way back. All the more reasons to shop! hehe

5 responses to “Merlions for Tokyo

  1. Hah! That’s just so cute and cool 🙂 hopefully STB doesn’t turn it into a $5/100g tourist product LOL xP

  2. Director Boo ,
    I have been given it from you at SINTOK today^^
    Thank you so much and feel happy to meet so kind and talent director☆
    Hope you could enjoy Tokyo! =Arigato=

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