SANDCASTLE opens AUG 26 in Singapore

After its success at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, SANDCASTLE will finally open in Singapore on AUG 26, exclusively at Golden Village Cinema Europa.

Special screenings and events coming soon! watch this space.

12 responses to “SANDCASTLE opens AUG 26 in Singapore

  1. hello there! cute film poster you have there. when will your film show in malaysia? have you been to kuala lumpur? do you like google earth? thank you sir.

  2. Hi jus watch yr movie… Actually fr the movie, it seems tt yr world view is very small.. I think if u really want the world to buy yr idea, u need to not conclude what u think it shd be, but b more sublet and lead yr audience to buy what u believe in a sub-conscience manner. Displaying what u think is right in yr own eyes will only make yr production becomes more limited as it can’t find the ways to the hearts of men.

  3. hey junfeng,

    if i may address you in this manner.

    was at your show last thursday; was the chap that asked you about the element of selective amnesia in your show and was touched by the show in a very “fuzzy but intimate” way.

    just wanna say thanks again for such a wonderful directorial effort and also to reiterate my point on hoping you will remain true to your dreams and convictions in film-making.

  4. y cant we buy tickets yet (theres nth on gv!)? will there be more screenings(please say yes!)? please hav more screenings! dun make it so limited like festivals =(( more tix! more tix! hw come other ppl watch alreadyyyy

  5. Hi,

    I forwarded your movie website to one of the professor whom I known during my USA Mass Communications Program. He like your statement.

    I love this film. Maybe I am like En, 18 year-old in 1998, which I can connect all those stuff that featured the late 1990s era being present in the movie. Trying to search for an identity to connect Singapore, which was at its strongest desire when I came back from the States after a month study trip in Oklahoma City University. And your message to search and think about Our Identity hit me strongly. Which has happened to be a similar theme with the comic “The Resident Tourist”.

    I try not to conclude much for the end of the film which cuts after En being called by the PC. But it somehow dawns to me that it has connection with his father.

    Nevertheless, “Sandcastle” is the best work I have seen in Singapore Films since the 1998 Oak 3’s “轨道” .

    You may want to consider a Singapore trilogy like what Hong Kong Film Director, Samson Chiu did in “Golden Chicken”, “Golden Chicken 2” and “Mr Cinema”. I called it “Hong Kong Trilogy”.

    Lastly, the Chung Cheng Lake scene did brings me back to the time I studied in Guillemard Road’s Branch School camous days.

  6. jun feng:

    I watch your movie yesterday and i have to admit that i quite like it. There are not many “author director” around this island. Hope you can become a shining one. (Singapore need an Apichatpong too). I can feel your sincere heart in the details of the movie and you spray your genderness and sensitivity here and there like a perfume mist… however there are some plots that may need more thinking…for example, when En flirting with his china girl friend, there are in En’s room, how come when the mother come back, they already shifting to the china girl room? (am i asking a stupid question ? give me a slap). Ha ha..Jia U Jun feng.

  7. Hey,

    I am glad that I’ve picked this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. I caught the last showing (Saturday) there. I love movies with historical backdrop to help me learn about the life and history of other countries. I can relate to the film in several ways. I was born and raised in the Philippines with Chinese and Filipino blood so quite amuse to see the grandparents communicating in Hookien and En and his mother in Mandarin. I thought the movie was very thoughtful and well made. Looks like the audience beside me enjoyed it too.

    Hope to visit Singapore some day. Maybe make a stopover tour there when I visit my country of birth – Philippines.

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