Pink Dot 2013: HOME

This year, we wanted to tell the stories that define what home is to many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in this country. Naturally, we found inspiration in “Home”, an evergreen National Day song that a lot of Singaporeans grew up with.

So we approached Dick Lee, who wrote the song in 1997. To our delight, not only did he grant us permission to use it, he offered us a special rendition he recorded in 2010.

We found new meaning in the lyrics as we listened to the familiar tune, thinking about the stories we wanted to tell. About a woman coming home to a family who is not fully accepting of her sexuality, about a couple who grew old together in a society that can be more open-minded, about a young transgender person who is finding her place in a country she calls home.

We believe the emotions portrayed in the video are universal; we hope the video speaks to you regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity.

This video proved to be the most logistically challenging one we have made yet. Without our dedicated cast and crew who volunteered their services and time, and our generous sponsors, it would not have been possible. A big THANK YOU to all!

See you at Pink Dot 2013 on June 29!

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