Casting Call for Boo Junfeng’s APPRENTICE

Casting call

Supporting roles and extras for Boo Junfeng’s upcoming feature film “Apprentice”
More info on the film may be found here:

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  • “Joseph” (Late 30s – 40s, Storeman)
  • “James” (40s – 60s, Chief Clerk)
  • “Heng” (40s – 60s, Workshop Manager)
  • “Choo” (Late 20s – 30s, Chinese, Officer)
  • “Wei” (Late 20s – 30s, Chinese, Officer)
  • “Prashant” (Late 20s – 30s, Indian, Officer)
  • “Randy” (30s, Chinese, Inmate)
  • “Hock” (Late 30s – 40s, Inmate)
  • “Ong” (30s, Officer)
  • “Jeremy & Justin” (13 – 18, twin boys)


  • “John” (40s, Caucasian)
  • “Father Daniel” (Catholic Priest)
  • “Buddhist Monk”
  • “Imam”
  • “Elderly Parent” (60s – 70s, Male/Female)
  • “Woman” (30s)
  • “Teenagers” (13 – 18, Male/Female)
  • “Elderly Man” (60s – 70s, Male Chinese)
  • “Woman (Pregnant)” (30s, Female Chinese)
  • “Boy” (3-5, Male Chinese)


  • “Officers”, “Admin Office Clerk”, “Fishing Centre Manager”, “Inmate”, “Bullied Inmate”, “Storeman”, “Doctor”, “Mr Loh”, “Mr Siew”
    (20s – 50s, Male, Chinese/Malay/Indian)
  • “Nurse”, “Receptionist”
    (20s – 40s, Female, Chinese/Malay/Indian)


  • “Officers”, “Guards”, “Inmates”, “Sentry”, “Joggers”, “Passer-bys”, “Cookhouse Supervisor”, “Server”, “Diners”, “Registry Clerk”, “Commuters”, “Visitors”, “Nurse”, “Photographers”, “Crowd Members”, “Doctor’s Assistant”
    (20s – 50s, Male/Female, Chinese/Malay/Indian)

– – –

Production is slated to begin in early October this year and stretch till early December. The commitment required of the roles will vary depending on the role and can be anything ranging from 1 – 12 days.

Interested actors can write to Jing Liang and Philo at with actor’s bio/CV/showreel, or clear recent photographs and personal particulars (name, age, height, experience, contact details), indicating the role(s) of interest. Suitable candidates will be notified.

Please feel free to share the casting call!

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