7 LETTERS – 2015
Box set available at Objectifs

Available at Books Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store (Takashimaya)



Short Film: KATONG FUGUE – 2007


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  1. Hello, Boo:

    I read the introduction about your movie: Tanjong Rhu.

    I wonder whether I can purchase the DVD or any other related articles ? I am in Hong Kong. Thanks

    a lot.

  2. do you have a collabration VCD or DVD of the short films that you have done because i find it ineresting to watch do you know where i can get it now please i am student and interestwed to know more about this short films thanks

    • hi dhivyan, unfortunately i don’t have an anthology of short films yet. it may come in a few years’ time.

  3. hey i would like to know were i can get the dvd or vcd for KELUAR BARIS (HOMECOMING) i am in singapore

  4. then what about this film “Tanjong Rhu” i manage to find KELUAR BARIS and Katong Fugue but i cant manage to locate it can help me?

  5. It’s not out on DVD yet as it is still traveling to festivals. For more info, please contact objectifs films 🙂

  6. Hi

    I just watch ur short films “Keluar Baris ” & “Katong Fugue”. Luv both of this short films, especially Katong Fugue.. the words are just so meaningful.. Thumbs up to u as a filmmaker. Hope one day, you could make one short films about paranormal activity or some horror stuff (n i hope i would be one of the actor there…heheh cheh).
    I think its cool doh. By the way, I wanted to watch tanjong katong, but it still not yet out on the dvd. Can i get a copy soon?..


    • hi ri, where did u buy/watch the films? i really wanna watch them. Its almost impossible to buy or access local productions here in singapore , how queer. Nowonder singapore films doesnt get enough praise it deserves, they arent even accessible to singaporeans!

  7. Hi Junfeng

    I will be teaching Sandcastles in the University in January next year and I’m wondering how I can obtain a copy, in view of the fact that it is still a very new film.

    Your help would be much appreciated.



    • Hi Yiwei, we plan to release the DVD of the film in March 2011. We may also be doing a short re-run in Jan/Feb. Unfortunately, our distributors require us to withhold the film until then.

  8. hello boo junfeng im miquel saura montserrat im glad to see that your short “a family portrait” was a success, congratulations, can you send me the sort by email? thanks for all!
    keep in touch!
    see you soon.

  9. Hi Junfeng, is your short film ‘Tanjong Rhu’ available on DVD? If not, where else can I watch it, since I believe that the film had completed its tour…

  10. I’m fine thanks! I hope you too! what a shame that you could not contact me in barcelona, it was an amazing experience do a movie! thank you very much! my email is:
    good luck in your career. 😉

    keep in touch!

    Miquel Saura Montserrat

  11. Hi Junfeng, my name is Andhy from Malaysia…
    I really interested to buy dvd of ‘Keluar Baris’…
    Mind to advise me, how to buy from Malaysia…???
    Your immediate attention and action are really much appreciated…
    All da’ best to U Junfeng…

    Andhy Putra

  12. hello mr junfeng,
    i live in singapore, where can i get a copy of sandcasltes?? they don’t have it on anymore….

  13. got any new movies lately?i just bought the SANDCASTLE DVD hope that just a tiny support for ur film singapore fans always support u!

  14. Hi Boo Junfeng. I really want to see your Tanjong Rhu and Katong Fugue. I am getting into the work of Alfian Sa’at through a Singaporean friend and his work had led me to yours. Are the films now available? Hope they are.

  15. Hi,

    Where can I buy a copy of the movie Apprentice? Wana buy for my dad after watching it in plane.Tks!

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