Bedok Jetty


English Title: Bedok Jetty
Chinese Title: 勿洛码头
Country of Production: Singapore
Year: 2008
Duration: 8 min 45 sec
Language: English
Format: DV

Set at Bedok Jetty where anglers, families, roller-bladers and lovers gather, a boy suspended in a limbo of heartache, returns to a space repeatedly to exorcise persistent memories of a failed relationship.

This film was commissioned under the Digital Homelands project by the National Museum of Singapore.

Notable Festival Participation
2008 – 4th InDPanda International Short Film Festival (Hong Kong)
2009 – 2nd Asian Hot Shots Berlin Festival for Film & Video Art (Germany)

Lead Cast
Daryl Pan
Yvonne Phoo

Film Stills



International Sales & Distribution
+65 63393068

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