The Changi Murals


English Title: The Changi Murals
Chinese Title: 樟宜壁画
Country of Production: Singapore
Year: 2006
Duration: 18 min
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Format: Super-16mm

A lyrical look at a set of five biblical murals that changed the lives of countless prisoners-of-war during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. The murals still exist in a military airbase today, tucked away and forgotten.

Notable Festival Participation
2007 – 20th Singapore International Film Festival

Lead Cast
Stephen Black
Karl Chaundy

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Production Stills (Behind-the-Scenes)

International Sales & Distribution
+65 63393068

2 responses to “The Changi Murals

  1. Hmm haven’t seen this whole film, but I remember going to Changi museum abt 3 years ago for a history trip. Our lecturer told us about this – that contrary to what’s expected, instead of eroding faith, the war increased faith. And that the paint for the murals, made of whatever materials the POWs could find, created a faith picture they so needed then.

  2. hi Boo Junfeng

    where can i see your films?
    im very interested in it. just added you on twitter. cant find your facebook. =(
    im from malaysia, currently working as video editor in paya lebar.
    hope to hear from you yea.


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