Festival Updates

Tanjong Rhu will be showing at these festivals next:

CHINA: Beijing Queer Film Festival
US WEST COAST: Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market

US EAST COAST: Philadelphia Qfest
JAPAN: Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

HONG KONG: InDPanda International Short Film Festival

Also showing at Beijing QFF in June are Katong Fugue, A Family Portrait and Keluar Baris. Keluar Baris will also be at Palm Springs in June and Katong Fugue will be at Short Circuit: London in July.

6 responses to “Festival Updates

  1. Hey Jun Feng,

    Im a Malaysian studying pursuing my degree in Beijing, a film enthusiast of course. =) Have been following your blogs and come to know that Tanjung Rhu will be showing at the BQFF. Just asking if you will attend the fest personally. cheers!


    • Hi Eric, nice to know that you’ll be catching the film at BQFF. No, I won’t be able to attend the festival. I have 3 other films showing at the festival, if you’re interested: Katong Fugue, Family Portrait and Keluar Baris : )

  2. shit,”studying pursuing’?! it’s student.XD

    i just called the person in charge before checking your reply.tanjung rhu will be showing on 18th noon which falls on my exam..sigh.

    but there are 3 more now!yuhoo, would call again to check for the time.Ms Yang says she also regretted that u couldnt show up. All the best for your new film production! =)


  3. sorry for spamming this column.

    all the shorts will be screened in a row for Singapore session, on the same day. >.<


  4. junfeng,

    it’s me again!

    “Due to some technical problems, screenings of shorts by Boo Jun Feng and Loh Zi Han from Singapore would be changed to 10.30am ,20th June”

    This is what I saw today at the noticeboard. So excited =D

    It also means that I have to depart at 7am from my campus 2mr. The art centre was freaking 57km away,located at suburbs of Beijing.

    So yeah, im looking forward to your shorts! gd nite.=)

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