Arts Awards 2009

I was very anxious at the Istana before the ceremony began not because I was going to be the first recipient to go on stage, but because everyone was already taking their seats and my family was still at Park Mall! And when they finally arrived at the Istana in the last shuttle bus, they were so excited they started taking pictures at the driveway outside the building! It wasn’t until some policewoman came over and said “Excuse me, the President is arriving any minute now!” did they finally scurry into the hall.

Haha. I guess they were just trying to catch the daylight. At the risk of blocking the President’s motorcade. Whatever made them happy. It was an evening for them anyway. I just wish they didn’t come so close to missing the ceremony altogether.

I think what’s better than being conferred the award is to be receiving it together with fellow filmmakers whom I respect and look up to: Anthony, Yew Kwang and Tzu Nyen.

The three of us received our awards for Film, thanks to the nominations by the School of Film and Media Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Lasalle College of the Arts also nominated me for the award. Here’s one with Charles and Herman, my advisers from The Puttnam School of Film.

The night was made very special because I could invite Auntie Lucilla to the ceremony. She’s been with my family for 21 years and in many ways like a second mother to me. She’s finally decided to return to the Philippines for good next year. I will miss her so much! =(

My mum and sister looking pretty. My dad and brother couldn’t make it.. dad’s in Europe on a work trip and bro’s studying in Sydney.

Warren and I go back all the way to NDP 2001 and 2002, where he was a cam op and I was his cam assist.

I think it’s really wonderful that young filmmakers are being honoured by the Arts Awards this year. I see it as a recognition that film in Singapore is a legitimate form of art, and that its worth isn’t determined solely in economic terms, but by the impact it has on culture and society as well. With this recognition, and the recent formation of filmcommunitysg, I believe there’s a lot to look forward to from the filmmaking community in Singapore.

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  1. hi boo, i’m from vietnam. I’ve just seen you at the exhibition of Lasalle, with a pink shirt :D. nice to meet you!

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