Looking for this face!

Meet Josh, the lead actor of Sandcastle.

Joshua Tan

We are urgently looking for another three versions of him: at ages 7, 28 and 50. If you know someone who looks like an older or younger version of him, we may have a cameo role in the movie for him! Please email Kimberly at kimberlyyung@hotmail.com (preferably with a photo attachment). Thanks!! =)

5 responses to “Looking for this face!

  1. Hi JF, this is probably one of the most interesting ads I’ve come across! I love the part where you say you are looking for three versions. Glad you found the lead actor – all the best on the rest of the search! Look forward to seeing your film.

  2. Hey Boo ! sent you a message on your BB regarding the above. Check out some of my Facebook friends who resemble your star 🙂

  3. Hi

    er, I m william, a USP student from NUS. I was at the film-screening and sharing session tonight held at PGP, NUS. When I was in JC two years ago, u came to our school, Hwa Chong Institution, to present your short films. both your films(esp the spanish one and the one abt NS) and your personality attracted me, but unfortunately we had to stay in the audi when u left. otherwise, i might go n ask for ur contact. I didnt know u r e guest coming tonight until i googled ur name and found out e films u screen at HCI. and it was nearly 8 pm already. then i rushed to the screening room and fortunately e session had not ended yet. I m very very glad to see u tonight though i kept quiet throughout the whole session. can you kindly drop me an email?

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