House hunting!

Boohoo.. one of our locations pulled out. We’re looking for a single-storey detached/semi-detached house like one of these for the grandpa and grandma in my film to live in:

We can offer quite a good rent, and only need it for about a week in Dec/Jan. We’ve been going door to door and getting all these suspicious looks from the residents. If you know anyone who may be able to help, please let us know!

5 responses to “House hunting!

  1. The stretch of single-storey houses along Truro Road may just fit the bill. it is adjacent to Dorset Road, in the vicinity of Farrer Park MRT.

  2. Try e row between Commonwealth and Queenstown MRT Station.

    Opposite the the Margaret Drive Hawker Centre and beside the Shell Petrol Station.

  3. Hi Jun Feng,

    I am currently working on a project for the media/film industry.
    Can I get your personal email so I can share more about this project with you?

    Thank you.


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